220 Real Estate Keywords for SEO [Abraham’s List]

The work on my website is an endless task www.AskAWalker.com. One of the things you’re supposed to do is create a list of words you’d like to rank and put together a plan to start ranking for those words.

Part of the plan is to research your competition and see what words they are ranking for and how they are doing it. Then, you compile a list and start working on creating better content to outrank them.

I never resonated with this idea because it makes you enemy focused versus consumer focused.

So, I set out to put together a list of keywords you can use for any real estate website. In Abraham style, this list is through and overwhelming.

But, if you commit a word a week, you could be well on your way to dominating a geographic market in 3 years.

Tackle two words a week and you can dominate your market in 1.5 years.

Will dominating your market lead to increase business? No. Once you have traffic, the next challenge to tackle is conversion. (My opinion.)

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “why are you sharing this list?” Great question.

By compiling the list and sharing it, I get the credit for helping someone along their journey. Knowing I was apart of something bigger than myself is enough for me.

Plus, I hate going to websites that focus more on converting visitors to sign up more than answering the consumers’ question.
Here’s the list:

  1. (insert city/zip code) real estate
  2. (insert city/zip code) Realtor reviews
  3. (insert city/zip code) relocation realtors
  4. (insert neighborhood) after school programs
  5. (insert neighborhood) parks
  6. Apartments in (insert neighborhood)
  7. Are home value in (insert neighborhood) increasing?
  8. Are open houses successful?
  9. Average price of a home in (insert neighborhood)
  10. Best brokerages
  11. Best Brokerages in (insert neighborhood)
  12. best homes for [big business] employees
  13. best homes for first time home buyer
  14. Best Homes in (insert city/zip code)
  15. best improvements for home valuation
  16. Best Neighborhoods in (insert city/zip code)
  17. Best neighborhoods in (insert city/zip code)
  18. Best places to buy in (insert city/zip code)
  19. best real estate agent
  20. best real estate agents
  21. best real estate listings
  22. best realtor
  23. best Realtor in [neighborhood]
  24. best Realtor near ________
  25. Best Realtors in (insert neighborhood)
  26. Best Restaurants in (insert neighborhood)
  27. Best Schools in (insert city/zip code)
  28. Best Schools in (insert neighborhood)
  29. best schools near [area]
  30. Best time to buy a home
  31. Best time to sell your home
  32. big houses for sale
  33. Brokerages
  34. Brokerages in (insert city/zip code)
  35. buy a home
  36. buy home
  37. buy real estate
  38. buy your home
  39. buying a home
  40. cheap houses for sale
  41. Community Activities in (insert neighborhood)
  42. Community Centers in (insert neighborhood)
  43. condo for sale
  44. condos for sale
  45. cons of a short sale
  46. cost of selling your home
  47. Crime Rates in (insert neighborhood)
  48. Do I need a Realtor?
  49. do open houses sell houses
  50. estate agent & estate agents
  51. Farmers Markets in (insert neighborhood)
  52. fastest way to sell a home in ________
  53. Features of (insert neighborhood) homes
  54. find a realtor
  55. Find a Realtor
  56. find real estate
  57. find real estate agents
  58. find real estate for sale
  59. finding a Realtor
  60. first home buyer tips
  61. first time home buyer
  62. first time home buyer guide
  63. first time home buyer programs
  64. first time home buyer tips
  65. first time home buyers
  66. First time home buyers
  67. first time home buyers programs
  68. First time home seller
  69. for sale by owner
  70. for sale by owner listing
  71. for sale by owner listing
  72. for sale by owner listings
  73. foreclosed homes for sale
  74. foreclosure
  75. Foreclosure
  76. foreclosure homes
  77. foreclosure homes for sale
  78. foreclosure listing
  79. foreclosure listings
  80. foreclosure or short sale
  81. foreclosures
  82. foreclosures for sale
  83. Foreclosures in (insert city/zip code)
  84. forecloures
  85. fsbo
  86. Hire a Realtor
  87. home buyer help
  88. home buyers
  89. home buying
  90. home buying tips
  91. home foreclosures
  92. Home listings in (insert neighborhood)
  93. home selling tips
  94. Home Staging Tips
  95. Home Values in (insert neighborhood)
  96. Homes for Sale
  97. Homes for sale in (insert neighborhood)
  98. Homes for sale in (insert neighborhood)
  99. Homes for sale in (insert neighborhood)
  100. horse farms outside of [area]
  101. house 4 sale
  102. house for sale on [area]
  103. house on sale
  104. house selling tips
  105. house staging tips
  106. houses for sale
  107. houses on sale
  108. How long do homes stay on the market in (insert city/zip code)
  109. How much is my home worth?
  110. how to buy a home
  111. How to choose a Realtor
  112. how to find a real estate agent
  113. how to find a real estate broker
  114. how to find a Realtor
  115. How to get the best offer
  116. How to invest in real estate
  117. How to Prepare Your Home for Sale
  118. how to sell your home
  119. How to sell your home
  120. How to Sell Your Home Fast
  121. how to stage your home
  122. Improvements that increase home value
  123. Libraries in (insert neighborhood)
  124. list of foreclosures
  125. list of real estate agents
  126. List of Real Estate agents in (insert city/zip code)
  127. listing property for sale by owner
  128. marketing your home
  129. mls
  130. mls listings
  131. mls real estate listings
  132. multiple listing service
  133. multiple listing services
  134. Pricing Your Home
  135. process for selling a home
  136. process of buying a home
  137. properties for sale by owner
  138. property for sale by owner
  139. real estate agencies
  140. real estate agent
  141. real estate agent listings
  142. Real Estate Agent(s)
  143. real estate agents
  144. Real Estate agents serving (insert neighborhood)
  145. real estate broker
  146. Real Estate investment
  147. real estate listing
  148. real estate listing mls
  149. real estate listings
  150. real estate listings MLS
  151. Realtor
  152. Realtor Comissions
  153. Realtor(s)
  154. Realtors
  155. Realtors in (insert city/zip code)
  156. relocation Realtor in [area]
  157. Relocation Realtors in (insert city/zip code)
  158. reviews of Realtor
  159. sell a home fast
  160. sell home fast
  161. sell house fast
  162. sell my home fast
  163. sell your home
  164. sell your home fast
  165. sell your own home
  166. sell your own house
  167. selling a home
  168. selling a home on your own
  169. selling house fast
  170. selling real estate without a Realtor
  171. selling your home
  172. selling your home by owner
  173. selling your home fast
  174. selling your home without an agent
  175. selling your house by owner
  176. selling your own home
  177. short sale process
  178. short sale vs foreclosure
  179. Short sale vs foreclosure
  180. short sales
  181. Short Sales
  182. Short sales in (insert city/zip code)
  183. Short sales in (insert neighborhood)
  184. short sales process
  185. Short Sales Process
  186. short selling
  187. short selling a home
  188. short selling your home
  189. Should I buy a home?
  190. Should I hold an open house?
  191. staging your home to sell
  192. Things to Do in (insert neighborhood)
  193. tips for home buyers
  194. tips for selling your home
  195. tips to sell a home
  196. tips to sell in under a month
  197. tips to sell your _____ home
  198. tips to sell your home
  199. Top rated realtor in (insert neighborhood)
  200. top rated Realtor in [area]
  201. top real estate agents
  202. top real estate agents in ___________
  203. top realtor for buying a new home
  204. top tips to get the best offer
  205. town homes for sale
  206. town houses for sale
  207. townhomes for sale
  208. Townhomes in (insert neighborhood)
  209. townhouse for sale
  210. Up and coming neighborhoods in (insert city/zip code)
  211. Vacation homes in (insert city/zip code)
  212. villa for sale
  213. villas for sale
  214. ways to sell your home
  215. ways to sell your house
  216. what is short selling a house
  217. when to buy a home
  218. When to buy a home
  219. Where to buy in (insert city/zip code)
  220. why to use a Realtor

Thought I’d start a document for a generic list of keywords agents could use as a starting point for building and optimizing a real estate website with SEO in mind. Feel free to add any keywords that you’ve had success within your market in the comment section.

Feel free to comment below if I missed anything with this list.