3 Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Fall


Are you thinking of selling your home, but worried springtime is almost over? The spring and summer are very busy with lots of buyers busy looking for homes and visiting open houses.  Although fewer people are hunting for a home, the fall season brings out serious buyers.

Here are the benefits of selling your home in the fall.

Fewer House Being Sold

Cooler season tends to have a lower inventory, which is good news for sellers. If there are fewer home listed on the market, you have a less competition. This will make your home easier to sell and have a more favorable price because buyers don’t have many options in fall.

The fall can be a particularly good time to sell your home in Northern Virginia where there is less variation from one home to the next. With so many homes designed by the same builders, it ‘s not a bad idea to sell when there are fewer homes on the market.

Less Competition

In addition to lower inventory and less competition, you may not have to compete against other property for cosmetic updates if you wait until the fall.

With a lot of options to choose from, buyers can be distracted by the home down the road that is underpriced for a quick which may devalue your property.

In slower seasons, your property will have a buyer’s undivided attention, which increases the chance of a sale.

Faster transaction times

Slower seasons tend to have fewer transaction occurring in the market. It means lenders have a fewer loan to process, attorneys have a fewer closing to attend to and home inspectors have fewer inspections to do, which can all lead to a faster closing.

Keep it in mind that movers, and along with potential services needed may be cheaper as well. Their business slows down, and they tend to offer better rates.


There are always pros and cons to selling a house whether you less in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Approach the selling process with caution in order to avoid potential headaches. Find a real estate agent that is familiar with selling the properties year-round.

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About the Author

The above article was written by Abraham Walker, Your Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent, helping clients market their homes to achieve high sales with a quick closing time is my main priority. He’s the co-founder of Ask A Walker and can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and HERE on this blog.