5 Reason to Service Your Gas Logs

Fireplace Gas Log Northern Virginia
If you use gas logs in your gas fireplace, you may not know how often they should be cleaned. There’s a good chance you didn’t know that they could be cleaned. In this post, we’re going to cover the reason why you should clean your logs and the cost of the cleaning service in Northern Virginia.

You wouldn’t believe how challenging it is to get people on the phone these days to answer questions about gas logs. After a few calls, I was able to get in touch with Ms Marny at Nicholas Chimney Store (NCS) in Vienna.

How often should I clean my Gas Log?

First thing I wanted to confirm on the call was the time interval between cleanings. My townhouse in Kingstowne has gas logs that I’ve never used but I’ve also never considered having them cleaned.
She stated that most manufacturers recommend that you clean your gas logs every 12 months.  You’ll want to confirm this information with your gas log manufacturer. There should be a way to identify your manufacturer on the gas log. If you’re not able to identify your manufacture, schedule your cleaning immediately.

Why should I clean my Gas Log?

Now that we know how often your gas logs are supposed to be cleaned, let cover the reason why you’d want to properly maintain them in the first place. Here are five problems that can occur if your gas log isn’t adequately maintained:
  1. Your system refuses to light.
  2. The flame will be random sizes.
  3. The pilot will be too big, too small, or non-existent
  4. The flame will not go across the width of the gas log
  5. You gas log will light properly and turn off after a few minutes
I’d also like to point out that gas logs use gas. Making sure every system in your house that uses this potentially explosive product is important to safely operating your property.

How long does it take to clean my Gas Logs?

There are two types of gas log cleanings.
  1. Problem-Free
  2. Problem-Filled
If your system has no problems, you should expect the cleaning to last less than 2 hours. If you have problems, expect a longer cleaning and a bigger bill.

How much will it cost to clean my Gas Logs?

No one said that owning a home was cheap. If you’ve made it this far, you may have just learned that you have to clean your logs.
Ms Marny stated that Nicholas Chimney Service charges $225 for their gas log cleaning service for services conducted outside of the summer season. If you order the service in the summer season, ask about a discount.  Looks like they reward homeowners who are proactive about the cleaning process.

Selling a home with a Gas Log

For homeowners with gas fireplaces that use gas logs, we recommend providing receipts of the last time you’ve had the Gas Logs cleaned to the prospective homebuyer. Cleaning your Gas Logs is considered routine maintenance and not a value-added feature or benefit.
All home inspectors perform a very basic test of the gas fireplace system. Having these receipts and records handy could be the difference between your closing happening on time without delays.

Who to call to have my Gas Log cleaned

Give NCS a call to have your Gas Log fireplace cleaned. Tell them Abraham Walker sent you to see if they have any specials tied to my name. You can find NCS at:
Nicholas Chimney Store
239 Mill Steet NE
Vienna, VA 22180



If you’re living in a home with a gas fireplace, we recommend properly servicing the fireplace by having the gas logs cleaned on an annual basis. Safety in the home is an important priority for any system that use flammable products like gas.