5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Neighborhood

How do you find a perfect neighborhood?

This is a common dilemma of people who are looking for a new place to live. You want an area that is welcoming and perfect for your lifestyle. A place that’s close to a lot of necessities but far away from stress.

Where you live affects every aspect of your life. So, take time and research several neighborhoods and find out which of them fits you the most. Remember, where you live is as important as the home itself.

Here are some tips for you to find the right neighborhood:

Visit at Different Times

The neighborhood you’re considering might be different in the evening and weekends. Make sure to visit different times to assess the area.

You might discover that every weekend, residents park their cars in front of your prospective property and learn about the rush hours in the area so, you don’t have to fight in the traffic on your way home.

Visiting several times of the day will help you determine whether the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet at night. It will give you a better idea of what it feels like living in the area.


When looking for your dream neighborhood, it’s ideal to think how convenient the area for you. Is there a nearby shopping center so you can finish your errands in one go. Is there easy access to your favorite stores to help you unwind.

However, the biggest convenience factor is probably how much time you’ll get around the area. Are routes and traffic in the area is something you’ll need to consider.

Make a list your must-haves and the things you could tolerate. Take your time and think about your ideal neighborhood regarding location.

Research Schools

Finding a good school should be on top of your priority when looking for a perfect neighborhood, even for people who don’t have kids. It will provide the best education for your child (if you have one) and increase the resale value of your home.

Go online and research for the student/teacher ratio, number of enrollees, and the college passing rate. Talk to the residents about the academic programs and take advantage of school’s free tours.

Research Crime Rates

Nobody wants to risk their lives and family living in the neighborhood where crimes are abundant. It’s difficult to tell how safe the area by just driving around. Make sure to research online about the locations of registered sex offenders and the crime rates.

You could also visit the local police department, ask for the details and discuss concerns that you have. Determine what type of crimes are happening in the area and their statistics.

Is the Neighborhood’s Future Bright?

Typically, if you bought a property when the market is down, you’re hoping to make money when the market starts to recover. However, too many foreclosure and for rent signs are a sign that the neighborhood you’re considering a bad area.

Think about the future of the neighborhood. Consider an area with a ton of home sale. It can possibly increase your property’s value. Ask your real estate agent about the planned developments soon.

Considering your house’s resale value is essential. Keep it in mind that even if the neighborhood is slowly on its way down, it may be better to look somewhere else.


Finding your dream home in a wrong neighborhood can make the experience intolerable. Where you live in affect every aspect of your life so, make sure to follow the tips above and find an area that’s right for you.

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About the Author

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