Commute Times from Kingstowne

Kingstowne, VA Commute Times

One of the major factors to consider when looking for a home is the location of your workplace in comparison to the location of your home. In other words, how long is the perfect commute? If your buying a home in Kingstowne make sure you take this into account.

When prioritizing your must-haves on your home-buying list commute time may not come up but I think it should. Unless you work from home the time a takes to travel to and from work affects how much time you’ll have to enjoy your new home.


A shorter commute time (45 minutes or less)

  • More time at home
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicle

A longer commute time (45 minutes or greater)

  • May provide you with more options, single-family house rather than a townhouse, a larger home, newer home, may be more affordable, yard
  • May provide  you with additional time to unwind during the drive home
  • More likely to end up in traffic
  • Time spent commuting is time not spent at home or doing other times you enjoy

Commute times vary widely from one location to another but the Census Bureau puts the average commute time to work in the United States at just over 25 minutes. To help you narrow down your home search we’ve calculated the commute from Kingstowne to a few of the areas biggest employers.

From Kingstowne to The Pentagon

  • Leaving Kingstowne at 7 am arrival  18-55 min
  • Leaving Kingstowne at 8 am arrival 20-55 minutes

From the Pentagon to Kingstowne

  • Leaving The Pentagon at 5 pm arrival  20-59 minutes
  • Leaving The Pentagon at 6 pm arrival  20-50 minutes


From Kingstowne to Capitol Hill

  • Leaving Kingstowne at 7 am arrival  24 min – 1 hr 15 min
  • Leaving Kingstowne at 8 am  arrival 30 min -1hr 25 min

From Capitol Hill to Kingstowne

  • Leaving Capitol Hill at 5 pm arrival 30 min – 1hr 20 min
  • Leaving Capitol Hill at 6 pm arrival 35min -1hr  5 min


From Kingstowne to Fort Belvoir

  • Leaving Kingstowne at 7 am arrival 20 min -30 min
  • Leaving Kingstowne at 8 am arrival 20 min – 40min

From Fort Belvoir to Kingstowne

  • Leaving Ft Belvoir at 5 pm arrival 20 min – 35 min
  • Leaving Ft Belvoir at 6 pm arrival 20 min – 30 min


From Kingstowne to MITRE

  • Leaving Kingstowne at 7 am arrival 24 min -50 min
  • Leaving Kingstowne at 8 am arrival 30 min – 1 hr 5 min

From MITRE to Kingstowne

  • Leaving MITRE at 5 pm arrival 30 min – 60 min
  • Leaving MITRE at 6 pm arrival 30 min – 55 min


From Kingstowne to George Mason University

  • Leaving Kingstowne at 7 am arrival 20 min – 40 min
  • Leaving Kingstowne at 8 am arrival 20 min – 50 min

From George Mason University

  • Leaving George Mason University at 5 pm arrival 22 min – 55 min
  • Leaving George Mason University at 6 pm arrival 22 min – 50 min


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