My Equipment List for Outdoor Videos

Here’s a quick post on the equipment I use to create my outdoor video.


Equipment List:
A.Your smartphone
B.Phone Holder
C.Accessory to Hold Lights and Microphone
D. Microphone
D1. Cable to connect Microphone to Smartphone
E. Light
F. Light
G. Tripod
H. Tripod
H1. Tripod Accessory

Equipment Description:

A. Samsung Galaxy S7 – This is whatever you’re currently using. This setup should use for ever phone setup.

B. edelkrone PhoneRig – $49.99 – (Accessory) – Great product to hold your phone. I purchased a cheap case from Amazon to attached the metal plate that they recommend attaching to your phone. I can’t use this setup attached to my phone because I use wireless charging.

C. Neewer Triple 3 Universal Cold Shoe Mount – $15.99 – (Accessory) – I noticed that my setup needed additional holders up top to hold the microphone and light in the same space. If I didn’t purchase this item, I would purchase one of those kits that allow you to put your phone in this movie style rig and attached multiple attachments. I’ll move to that setup after I hit the 100 videos produced, edited, and posted.

D. Rode Video Micro – $59.00 – (Microphone) – this is my 4th microphone. I thought I would produce videos with my Sony RX IV with a external microphone and edit the video in my computer. My original plan was great minus one exception. I’m not a professional videographer. I sell real estate. I needed a setup that was quick and captured the video and audio in the same take. This lead me to this microphone. I purchase the Rode Video Micro Me 1st. It doesn’t work well with a smartphone because the mobile and Bluetooth signal interfere with the microphone. This lead me to the Rode Video Micro. It is attached to the phone with a cable and removes the concern of signal interference. The new microphone lead to a new problem, where do I put the mic. This new problem leads me to purchasing item C.

D1. Sc7 TRS to TRRS Cable – $22.99 – (Cable) – This cable is required for your microphone to work with your smartphone. The microphone is designed for DSLR cameras.

E & F. Neewer 160 LED Dimmable – $32.99 – (Lights) – Every YouTube superstar says you need light to make your videos look great. I film most of my videos in my car while I’m driving to cut out the need for lighting. I would like to film on location for future projects. The lights are a most for this next idea.

Why did I purchase two? Because I wear hats. I need a light pointing up to provide light under my hat. It removes all shadows from my face.

G. Manfrotto Compact – $88.85 – (Tripod) – Great, affordable tripod by a reputable brand. I’ll upgrade to their $200 – $300 models when I start bringing in income from this project. Do not buy the Action version. It’s $30 cheaper and the quick release plates are different. With my setup, I can use future models with buying new quick release plates. The quick release plates are attached to your camera, or phone holder and give you the option of quickly changing your camera with your tripod. Just trust me.

H. Joby Gorilla Pod Focus – $99.95 – (Tripod) – I originally planned to shot video like Casey Neistat. I realized that our audience is different. He’s shooting a video blog, I’m shooting educational videos and market updates. There’s no need for me to look cool while I shoot videos. They need to be entertaining and informative. After I realized that this idea wasn’t going to work, I put this tripod on the side. When I purchased 2 lights I needed a place to put the other light. I purchased another tripod (Item G). But I realized that I could just adjust the legs on this to attach the light right under my camera and make a perfect uplight.

H1. Manfrotto 496 RC2 – $69.83 – (Ball Head) – Remember the quick release discussion from Item G. This is why I purchased the Manfrotto ball head. The ball head attaches to the tripod to give you the option of moving your camera or light to the exact position you need for your project.

$472.58 – Grand Total minus cost of phone



Abraham Walker, Your Realtor

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