Top Ten Hardwood Flooring Contractors Near Kingstowne That Will Transform Your Floor Into An Art

Nowadays, when you ask many potential home buyers what are their top five must-haves you’ll more than likely hear hardwood floors. Many buyers expect hardwood floors at least on the main level. It’s a common trend throughout most of the DC metro area and if your home doesn’t already have them it may be an upgrade worth looking into.

Hardwood floors can improve homes aesthetic, appeal, and value.

Quality installation and upkeep can turn your floors into a work of art.

However, the question asked by most homeowners is where to find quality and reliable installers? There’s a lot of so-called professionals that may offer deals that seem too good to be true as well as the opposite, companies with prices so astronomical they make your dream seem unattainable.

Hiring the first company you see without doing a bit of research could turn into quite the headache.

Luckily, we listed tips to consider when searching for the right hardwood flooring company.

Compare Estimates

An in-home estimate is paramount when determining which flooring company you should choose. Sure some companies offer quick online estimates based on the square footage and room size but often times that doesn’t include fine details like stairs and closet interiors.

Keep in mind that choosing your flooring company solely on the estimated cost is not advisable. Different flooring contractors have different materials, methods, and estimates. The estimate is just the beginning.

Understand The Contract

After you verified the contractor is the best person suited for your task, then you will want to draw up a contract. Make sure the contract lists the specific products the contractor will use, as well as the particular installation methods. The agreement should correctly state the specifics of the job.

Having penalty clauses to the contract is a usual practice. It will detail what will happen if the job is not complete within the specified time frame.

Check The References

An experienced and trusted flooring company should be able to provide you with references before hiring them.  Checking two to three of their references should take no more than 30 minutes but may save you money and stress in the long run.

Confirm The Business is insured and certified

It’s important you make sure your installer is certified in order to be confident that the proper guidelines are followed. If you hire an installer that is not certified by the flooring manufacturers you could potentially void your warranty.

It’s also necessary to make sure your installer carries insurance and will assume liability in the case of any unrelated damage they might potentially cause while the work is performed.



One of the frequently asked questions by homeowners is when to refinish or replace their floors. Most wood floors are designed to last for 20-30 years. During those years, hardwood floors can become stained, warped, chipped or just dull.

If your hardwood floors begin to show wear, you can hire a flooring contractor to refinish and restore your floor’s original shine.

Regardless, most problems can be addressed and fixed without replacing the entire floor. There are some exceptions.

  • Structural concerns
  • Movement
  • Damage
  • Wear

After analyzing the problem of your hardwood flooring, you can now decide if you need to refinish or replace your floor.

If you are looking for hardwood flooring contractors near Kingstowne, you’ve come to the right place. We listed ten different trustworthy and quality home warranty providers below.

In search of other reliable services around the area? Click here for a consolidated list of trusted vendors near you.

Flooring Contractors

Mattress and Carpet Express

Address: 8196-D Terminal Road, Lorton, Virginia 22079

Phone number: 703-550-1933

Business website:

Hatcher’s Flooring Inc

Address: 7655 Fullerton Road, Springfield,. VA 22153

Phone number: 703-451-0459

Business website:

Ayoub Carpet Service (ACS)

Address: 312-A S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Phone number: 703-255-6000

Business website:

Magni Flooring

Address:  2331 Mill Rd, Ste 100, Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone number: (703) 626-0818

Business website:

Total Flooring, LLC

Address:  2820 Dorr Ave, Ste 100, Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone number: (571) 732-4946

Business website:

AM Hardwood Floors

Address:  6916 Westhampton Dr, Alexandria, VA 22307

Phone number: (703) 477-0565

DB Genesis Hardwood Flooring

Address: 12020 Georgia Ave, Únit C, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Phone number: (240) 839-9484

Business website:

Total Floors

Address: 5710-D General Washington Dr, Alexandria, VA 22312

Phone number: (703) 658-5353

Business website:

Absolute Flooring

Address:  897 Highams Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone number: (703) 490-4700

Business website:

Traylor Design & Construction

Address: 2451 Midtow Ave, Alexandria, VA 22303

Phone number: (202) 292-9194

Business website: