Guide to Buying a Bigger House

When you first moved into your current house, it seems like it may have seemed perfect. But after living there for some time for one reason or another you now realize that you need more space. 

Whatever the reason, your current home just doesn’t suit your current lifestyle.

If you feel you’ve outgrown your home now’s the time to move to a larger place.

However, it may not be as simple as when you bought your first home. Upsizing will cost you and put your multitasking skills to the test. If you’re buying and selling a home at the same time there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

So, to ensure that the process smoothly and successfully, you have to be well prepared and well informed.

Here are tips to consider before you start looking for your new home.

Think About Your Goals

Before buying a bigger house, think about your real motivations for moving up. Ask yourself what are the reasons that made you decide to look for a new home.

Are you expecting a new child?

Do you want to have pets?

How many years do you want to stay in your new house?

What are your plans for your current home? Will you sell it or keep it as a rental property?

Whatever the reasons are, it is essential to be prepared before the house hunting, take a moment and think about what you really need. List your goals to help you prioritize.

Answer these questions, so you can envision your next home and be a successful move-up buyer.

What Kind of Homeowner Are You?

Before you begin your search, determine what kind of homeowner are you and want you to be.

It’s the right time, to be honest with yourself, ask yourself; are you up to the task of maintaining a large space. Do you do well with the upkeep of your home? Will you be able to keep the space clean or will you need to hire a residential cleaning company?

How about lawn care

Think About the Space You’ll Only Need

Obviously, if you’re buying a bigger house it’s because you need more space but how much more.

If you have a growing family, you probably need more bedrooms, an additional bathroom, a bigger kitchen, or more space for entertaining.

Having more rooms doesn’t always equate to spacious living. Some homes offer more bedrooms but they may be smaller in size.

Be Prepared

Whether it’s your first time in the market or a veteran when it comes to buying a property, it is always essential to figure out how much you can afford.

Make sure you’re prepared for the cost of upsizing. Keep in mind that when you go up in size, you will get higher taxes, higher utilities, and higher down payment.

Go in with your eyes open and with a plan, be smart and prepared. You can go online and look for affordability calculators to know how much you can spend, or talk to your preferred lender.

How Do You Feel About Your Neighborhood

After you’re certain in your future, don’t forget the neighborhood. Think about what you love and dislike about your neighborhood.

If you’re very happy with your current neighborhood and are only relocating because you need more space looking for a single-family home in your community may be the first stop. If you have a family with kids this may be your preference if you prefer your kids stay in the same school.

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About the Author:  The above article was written by Abraham Walker, Your Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent, helping clients market their homes to achieve high sales with a quick closing time is my main priority.  He’s the co-founder of Ask A Walker and can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and HERE on this blog.