How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Service for Your Kingstowne Home

You may hear the words lawn care and landscaping used interchangeably but they are two different things. You’d hire a landscaper for anything from planting to design. Many landscapers can do both hardscape and softscape as well as the installation of pavers and walkways.

But if what you’re looking for is someone to cut and trim your grass on a regular basis then what you need is a lawn care or lawn maintenance specialist, not a landscaper. A good lawn care company focuses on the care, improvement, and maintenance of grass.

Having a lawn doesn’t mean you’ll have to grab a lawn mower to maintain the beauty of your yard, after all, many of us in the DC Metro area don’t have the time or to be honest the desire to.  There are many companies that will come out anywhere from once a month to once a week to help you maintain your lawn and stay within HOA compliance.

Most companies do require a one year contract after the first visit. So be prepared in advance to make a long-term commitment if you are satisfied with the service.

If you need more than just a regular trim and edge a lawn care company can help solve problems ranging from insect control to a dead patch of grass.

Most homeowners have limited knowledge about processes done for maintaining an attractive lawn.

Let’s face it, you probably don’t have time to research the best substance to use for their yard.

Leaving it to professional lawn care service might be the answer to all your problems. But before hiring a professional, we’ll share with you a brief summary of the services they may offer.

Here are services commonly offered for your lawn:

  • Soil Testing reveals the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to create a healthy and sustainable lawn.
  • Fertilization is applying the appropriate types of organic, organic-based, and synthetic fertilizers depending on your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Aeration helps air, water, grass seed, and fertilizer get incorporated into the soil. Aerating your lawn provides numerous benefits.
  • Seeding is using high-quality seed varieties that are weed-free and promote drought tolerant, and insect and disease resistant lawns.
  • Weeding can identify and safely control most pesky and unwanted weeds in your yard.
  • Insect Control can identify and control insect threats to your lawn while protecting the environment too.
  • Disease Control can help safely restore and maintain the health of your grass.
  • Thatch Analysis will provide insight into the health of your lawn and determine the next step use in maintaining it.
  • Lawn Renovation will be suggested if your lawn has too much damage.

Nowadays, lawn care services come in different shape and sizes. There are different types of service provider specializes in different lawn problems. Inquiring about the company’s method is a must.

However, an excellent lawn care service provider will be upfront and open about what products they are going to use, when will they are applying it, and what results you should expect. They will inform you what needs to be done and only perform a task that is being demanded.

One of the best ways to determine a high-quality lawn care service provider is through recommendations of family, friends and your neighbors. They can provide you with an honest opinion about the services they experienced.

If you are looking for the best lawn care services near Kingstowne, you’ve come to the right place. We listed ten different trustworthy and quality companies below.

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Lawn Care Service Providers

B Rushing Lawn & Landscaping

Phone number: 703-339-0067

Business website:

Meridian Landscaping & Design

Address: 116 Ruritan Road, Sterling, VA, 20164

Phone number: 703-435-7943

Business website:

Complete Lawn Service, Inc

Address: 6206 Gravel Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22310

Phone number: 703-560-5296

Business website:

Landscapes by Wade Inc,

Address: 6507 Yadkin Ct, Alexandria, VA 22310

Phone number: (703) 550-8986

Business website:

Ryan’s Landscaping

Address: Springfield, Virginia 22150

Phone number: (703) 569-4505

Business website:

Anchor Landscape Services

Address: 5704 G General Washington Dr, Alexandria, VA 22312

Phone number: (703) 989-8744

Business website:

Stoneman Landscaping

Address: 3713 Woodley Dr, Alexandria, VA 22309

Phone number: (703) 772-9790

Business website:

Christoff’s Capital Landscaping

Address: Alexandria, VA 22310

Phone number: (571) 238-5295

Cortes Landscape

Address: 8424 Blankenship St, Ste 204, Alexandria, VA 22309

Phone number: (240) 380-8876

Cassella Lawns & Services

Address: 6807 Gillings Rd, Springfield, VA 22152

Phone number: (571) 594-6393

Business website: