[IDX Broker] What’s the difference between a widget and saved links?

There’s two ways to get property information on an Agent Reputation website.

1. Embed code from IDX Broker (not preferred by Agent Reputation)
2. Use the Add IDX Shortcode button on your WordPress website

This page will show how each way available to embed property information on our website.

Widget Section

This is the direct method not recommended by Agent Reputation.

Sort Order: New Listings
Width: 100%
Height: auto
Fade in Time: 1 second
Time Between Props: 5 seconds
Caption Opacity: 40%
Caption Height: 10%
Caption Behavior: Show automatically
Open Widget Links in New Window: No
Display View Results Link: No

Responsive: Yes
Sorting Order: Newest Listings
Width: 100
# Rows: blank
# Columns: 3
# Listings: 15
Open Links in a New Window: No
Display View All Results Link: Yes


Sorting Order:
Max # Columns:
Arrow Opacity:
Open Widget Links in a New Window:
Display View All Results:

Quick Search

Responsive: Yes
Width: 100%
Open Widget Search in a New Window: No
Default Property Type: Residential
Default Minimum Price: 350000
Default Maximum Price: 500000
Default Minimum Bedrooms: 1
Default Minimum Bathrooms: 1
Default Square Footage: blank
Choose which city list to use: Default MLS List

Map Search

Responsive: Yes
Default Property Type: Residential
Width: 100%
Height*: auto
Low Price: blank
High Price: blank
Default Type: Road Map
Default Zoom: 13 – Recommended
Center Latitude:
Center Longitude:
Lookup Lat & Long: Via Address

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Lead Signup
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Add IDX Shortcode

This section will cover every way available using the button on WordPress.

System Links

[idx-platinum-system-link id=”24808-32820″ title=”Advanced Search” ]

Saved Links

[idx-platinum-saved-link id=”24808-9490″ title=”New This Week – Homepage” ]

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