Step 14 – Hook Up Your Utilities

Step 14 to Buying Your Home – Hook Up Your UtilitiesOne of the most overlooked and often dreaded tasks of the moving process is to swap over utilities. This means calling ahead of time to set up TV and the internet, and calling to put the electricity, waste and recycling, natural gas or propane into your name for the closing day. These simple steps will ensure that you’re set to go on moving day.

With your purchase, if it’s in a condo community check with the board president to see if any of your utilities are included in your condo fees. Some HOAs will have regulations on how you are able to mount satellite dishes and similar contraptions for your use.

Once you’ve established your closing date, try to schedule the transfers and set up for your utilities for that day, many companies are booked weeks in advance for installation technicians. Further, most utility companies work on established coverage lines, therefore, you’ll need to make sure your service providers work in the area of your new home or find the service providers that do.

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