Step 18 – Clear to Close

Step 18 to Buying Your Home – Clear to CloseYour realtor’s favorite phrase in this process is “Clear to Close”! This is a statement from your lender and underwriter that means they’ve processed all your paperwork, double checked bank accounts, and all the other little factors that affect your approval, and have approved the loan. With a Clear to Close, we have the okay to move forward with closing and they will fund the closing. This means you are good to go, it’s like a ref reviewing the footage and deciding it was a good play, you can continue the game!

Once the Clear to Close is in place, we can schedule the closing date, time and location. We’ll notify you once that has been set. We will also take that statement as the go-ahead for scheduling the final walkthrough, to be done the day before closing. This assures no damages have been made between the inspection and appraisal steps to the closing day.

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