Step 19 – Final Walk Through

Step 19 to Buying Your Home – Final Walk ThroughYou’ve got your clear to close, and we’ve scheduled your final walkthrough. The day is here and it’s time. This is usually scheduled for the day prior to closing. You need to take this time to ensure the home is in the same condition as it was during the inspection. You should expect to spend 20-30 minutes on this process. It’s best if you let us know what time and day work best for your walkthrough appointment.

Here are a few things you should check during your final walkthrough:

  1. Make sure the repairs have been made, and that you are given the receipts and related paperwork and warranties on the repairs.
  2. Make sure the appliances are all in working order.
  3. Make sure there were no damages made while the sellers were moving out.
  4. Take a list of the things that were supposed to remain after the sale, and check that they are there. This includes but isn’t limited to lighting fixtures, blinds, curtains, wall mounted shelving, tv mounts, etc.
  5. Window screens and storm window are in place, or in a safe storage location
  6. Test any intercom, doorbell, alarms, HVAC and hot water systems in the home
  7. Don’t expect the home to be spotless, the sellers moved, and the home should be “broom clean”, meaning that its been cleared of basic debris. If you’d like to have a cleaner come in before you move, this is an option.
  8. Find out when trash is collected, appropriate parking, special storage, etc.
  9. Ask for the warranty brochures and instruction manuals for appliances and fixtures.
  10. Make sure all the seller’s personal belongings have been removed. This should include food in the pantry and refrigerator, clothing from the closets, etc

The final walkthrough ISN’T:

  1. The time to bring friends, parents, etc. to see the property, or to schedule contractors to give estimates, etc. The better time for this would be after closing and recording.
  2. You can NOT begin moving things into the property during the walkthrough, you MUST wait until after the property has officially closed.
  3. This is not when you will get your keys, that will happen at the end of closing.

While you’re attending the walkthrough, you’ll need to figure out how you plan to get house and storage keys, mailbox keys, fobs, etc. These items are usually given to your Realtor to bring to closing.

Now, you may find some damages during the walkthrough, or the sellers didn’t complete a contracted repair. How do we handle that?

You’ll have a few options to consider:

  1. You can choose to delay closing for a reasonable amount of time to complete repairs.
  2. You can request the sellers contribute into escrow the cost of the repairs, this will allow you to close on time.
  3. If the sellers are unwilling to do either of the above, you can walk from the contract. You may get your Earnest Money Deposit back because they were legally obligated to make those repairs agreed on in the contract. This is the rarest option taken. Most sellers will do what needs to happen to close on time.

We’re almost to the finish line! If you have any questions about the final walkthrough, contact us at [email protected] or give us a  call at 703-539-2053.

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