Step 21 – Congratulations!

Step 21to Buying Your Home – Congratulations!Congratulations homeowner!

We hope that you’re getting settled into you home and are happy with the final outcome of this process.

There are a few minute details we need to wrap up, now that closing is complete.

In the future, we would like to send you periodic reports to let you stay on top of property values of your neighborhood so that you can track how quickly your new home is improving in value, and you’re gaining equity. Would you prefer these reports monthly, quarterly or yearly?

It is recommended to set up a google alert for your property to ensure you’re made aware of any changes.

And finally, we ask that you do us a favor and write a review for us. You will receive an email to help in this process. Ask A Walker doesn’t advertise, so your reviews and referrals help us build our brand and our business. Further, if you know of any of your friends and family have any need of a Real Estate professional, please let us help them. Ask A Walker is here for you and your connections!

Most of all, we want to thank you profusely for trusting us with your home purchase and please, reach out to us if we can help with finding a reputable referral for painter’s contractors, handymen and more.

Again, Congratulations, enjoy your new home!

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