Step 4 – Finding your Dream Home

Step 4 to Buying Your Home – Finding your Dream HomeEveryone has a dream home, and for most people, it isn’t within immediate reach. Here is the step in the process where we put the numbers and the needs under extreme scrutiny. Hopefully, you’ve looked through and started to complete your checklist, this will help the process run smoothly. Now you need to look very closely at the things that you consider a “want” (it would be nice, but isn’t a deal killer) and a “need” (things that must be or not be in the home for it to be livable).

For example, if you have 2 kids that fight like cats and dogs, then you will need at least a 3 bedroom home. If you need an enclosed yard for your dog because you’re sick and tired of walking them in the brutal winter weather, this is also a need.

If you think it would be nice to have a soaking tub in the master bath, then this is a “want”. You should also look at what you’re willing to accept with the plan of improving it later to meet your wants. When you look at a home, will you consider a bathroom without a soaking tub knowing that you can add one in later? Are you willing to put in a little sweat equity to save money on the initial purchase?

Sometimes a reality check happens at this point. We don’t want to dash dreams but need to ensure that you are shopping within a realistic budget based on your preapproval. Perpetual rainbows, wild unicorns and pots of gold around the property are highly unlikely.

Once your lists are made you will need to email them to us. ([email protected]) and we will input your criteria into our comprehensive MLS search feature. These lists can be altered if you need during the process. If you decide that the kids can probably handle sleeping in bunk beds instead of separate rooms, then we can change that. This process will send you a daily email of new properties that fit your criteria, or price drops that put a property into your budget. This also allows us to help you search, reminding you that the home with the perfect kitchen doesn’t have the central AC you listed as a need.

Check your MLS email daily, mark the homes appropriately in the comments, and leave any questions you’d like answered in the comments field.

Interested = We want to see this home, set up the appointment.

Maybe = We’d like to think about this a little longer.

Not Interested = No, we don’t like this home, and don’t want to see it.

It is important to communicate to us about the homes that are sent your way, we monitor the comments section of the MLS listings we send you for quick responses, and to set up showings as soon as we can. The market moves fast, so we need to jump as quickly as we can to view and offer on your dream home.

We will need to schedule a property showing, many of the homes that are available are still being lived in either by the owner, or a tenant. That said, most showings can be scheduled on weekdays between 9 am and 8 pm, or weekends from 10 am to 8 pm. While some sellers will acquiesce to a showing outside of these hours, try to plan on touring homes within these typical hours. Some homes will also require 24-hour notice, so we won’t always be able to see properties the same day as the request.

During the spring and summer, many properties sell in less than a week in our Northern Virginia market, it is essential that we move fast on them, or they’ll be gone before you know it. When you find a home you want to see, let us know when you’re available and we will do everything in our power to get you through the door to see it.

Remember to wear comfortable slip on shoes, it is standard practice (and good manners) to remove your shoes when viewing a property.

We will bring information sheets on each home we’re viewing, so just bring yourself, and some snacks if you get hungry. If you have any questions during this showing and touring process, we are here to answer them.

There will be no need to continue searching on sites like Zillow or Trulia, our automated system will do the work for you. It is updated more accurately and much faster than the data on the 3rd party sites.

If you have any questions give me a call at 703.539.2053 or email me at [email protected].

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