Step 5 – Showings

Step 5 to Buying Your Home - Showings!In our last blog post, we outlined the steps to get showings scheduled, now it’s time to see these homes you’ve been falling in love with online.

There are a number of things to consider before setting out on the grand tour of homes.

  1. Sellers require preapproval or proof of funds before showing their property. In this business, it ensures them that you are serious in this search, and aren’t just “window shopping” for your eventual dream home. Sellers require some level of notice before showing the home, therefore we ask you to email us the homes you’re interested in before tour day. Some sellers also impose restrictions, such as no showings after 6 pm, on the home. They have strangers walking through their property, and placing this type of restriction enables them some level of control and privacy during the time their home is on the market.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing, and easily removed shoes. We will be in and out of the car, and in and out of the homes frequently. It is common practice to remove your shoes inside the homes.
  3. Dress accordingly for weather forecasts. It is not unusual for winters to be cold and icy, you don’t want to slip and fall on the driveway because you weren’t properly dressed for the conditions.
  4. Vacant homes may not have the utilities on, therefore the heat and air conditioning are likely not functioning. This could make the tour cold if you’re underdressed.
  5. Restrooms are not always usable; therefore you should plan a rest stop somewhere if that may become an issue. This will give you an idea of the local businesses around the neighborhood as well.
  6. Remember that you are buying the home, not the belongings. Look at the space, not the décor. Try not to touch the seller’s belongings, we do not want to be responsible if anything should break. Remind children not to touch things or play with toys.
  7. Inspections will be executed after the home is under contract for a sale, there will be no need to look in crawl spaces or attic spaces unless the attic is a finished usable space.
  8. Many homes have Nanny Cams in place, keep your thoughts and opinions on the home to yourselves until we are out of the home and in a private place to discuss the home. If you have questions about the home, those are fine. Don’t discuss price, what you’d like to offer, or anything relating to finances while inside the home.
  9. If the sellers are home, don’t give away too much about yourself beyond a polite introduction. These details can later be used by the seller and their agent and can be detrimental to our negotiations.

The day before we are scheduled to tour, let us know if you’d like to drive yourself or ride with us. However, if we are touring five or more properties we’d prefer if your rode with us. We will discuss where to meet, and at what time in an email the day before tours begin. If you have any questions, this would be the time to bring them up.

Without further delay, let go see these homes!

If you have any questions give me a call at 703.539.2053 or email me at [email protected].

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