Step 7 – Scheduling the Home Inspection

Step 7to Buying Your Home – Scheduling the Home InspectionYou’ve found a house, and submitted an offer! Excellent job! But we can’t celebrate yet, there is more work to do. You’ll need to schedule a tentative inspection. This puts your inspection on the books for your chosen inspector because inspectors are often booked out several days in advance, especially in the spring and summer seasons.

You can always cancel this scheduled inspection if the offer isn’t accepted. But it’s important to get your inspection early in the process because the inspector will need a few days to compile the inspection report and then a few more days to discuss and negotiate repairs. You have a limited number of days within the home inspection contingency period to get everything done and remain within the bounds of your contract.

You will need to attend the inspection, you can plan on 1-2 hours for a condo, 2-3 hours for a townhouse and 3-4 hours for a single-family home. The fees for the inspection are due at the time of the service, so don’t forget your checkbook or credit card. Also, wear comfortable shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, you may be asked by the inspector to go into the attic or basement space so they can show you some detail.

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