Things Often Forgotten During a Move

Moving can make you frantic with worry and questions. Sorting through your belongings and deciding what to throw away and what to keep, it can be hectic. No wonder some things get left behind.

That’s why when it comes moving, preparation is key. Start by making a checklist. Set deadlines for an essential task such as hiring the right movers, renting a storage unit, and switching over your utilities.

Aside from organizing all your belongings, we listed the most commonly forgotten things during a move. This list will make it easier for you to remember essentials when it comes to moving day.

Forwarding Your Mail

For many, when it comes to moving, people forget to notify the post office. Forgetting to update your address before you move can result in more than just missing magazines but also missed bills.

Make sure to head to your local post office or go online to update your address. This will ensure your mail is forwarded to your new home when you move.

You’ll also need to notify your family, friends, insurers, banks, and local authorities in order to avoid confusion.

Measuring and Deciding

One of the most common problems when moving is not having enough storage space for the belongings you had in your old home. Whether you’re downsizing or not, it’s important to know what furniture will fit into your new space.

Consider the space you have in advance and decide what items you should donate and sell before you move.

Refilling Prescriptions

Planning to move involves a lot of work that’s why people often forget little things. Make sure to check the refill date of your prescriptions and make sure you have enough medicine before you move.

Getting your prescriptions forwarded to your new pharmacy may take a few days or even longer if you move far away from your old place.

Backing Up Your Electronics

During the move, unexpected accidents may occur. Your hard drive can be damaged which could lead to the disappearance of important files and documents.

If this happens, having an up-to-date and secure backup of your hard drive can be a lifesaver. Backup all your files and documents to your cloud and make sure all the important photos are uploaded before the move.


Important and sometimes critical items get left or forgotten during a move. Before your next move make sure you’ve taken care of the above-mentioned items.

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