Timing Your Home Closing in Northern Virginia: Why it Matters and How to Plan

As a first-time homebuyer in Northern Virginia, there are countless factors to consider before making your purchase. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the timing of your home closing. This article will explain why the timing of your closing matters and provide some helpful tips on how to plan your closing date for the best possible outcome.

Why Timing Matters:

The closing date of your home purchase can have a significant financial impact. In a seller’s market, the seller’s preferences will largely determine the flexibility you have when choosing a closing date. In general, it takes around 30 days from the date of ratification (when the buyer and seller agree on a price) to close on a property.

Closing at the end of the month is often recommended, as it minimizes the interest payments due at closing. Mortgage interest is paid in arrears, which means that at the end of the month, you incur the interest fees for the previous 30 days. By closing at the end of the month, you reduce the amount of interest you’ll need to pay upfront.

Planning Your Closing:

  1. Seller’s preferences: In a seller’s market, consider when the seller wants to close on the property. This could be when they want to move out or if they want to rent back the property. In the spring market, many properties are advertised with a rent-back option, which can affect your closing date.
  2. Your timeline: Consider when you need to move into the property. If you’re renting, try to align your closing date with the end of your lease. If you’re relocating, consider the timing of your moving truck’s arrival or your own arrival.
  3. Closing days: Aim to close between Tuesday and Thursday to avoid potential delays with your lender or other parties involved in the transaction. Closing on a Monday could result in delays due to banks being closed over the weekend, while closing on a Friday may see some parties winding down for the weekend, potentially leading to issues.
  4. Scheduling with the settlement company: Be proactive in scheduling your closing with the settlement company at least a week in advance. This ensures that they can accommodate your schedule and any potential last-minute changes.
  5. New construction considerations: When purchasing a new construction property, allow for potential delays in the construction timeline. Contracts may state that the builder has up to 18-24 months to deliver the property, so plan for contingencies in case of unexpected setbacks.
  6. Working backwards: To determine the best time to start searching for a property, work backwards from your desired move-in date. Add 30-45 days for the closing period and another 60-90 days to find the property. If buying in the spring market, consider adding an additional 60 days to accommodate for a potential rent-back situation.


Timing your home closing in Northern Virginia is a crucial aspect of the home buying process that requires careful planning and consideration. Consult with your real estate agent early in the process to discuss your timeline and deadlines to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Remember that when you close on your new home matters, and being well-prepared can save you both time and money in the long run.

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