Tips for Selling Your Kingstowne Home This Summer

One of the main questions homeowners have is, “When should I list my home?” There’s a myth that spring is the most appropriate time to sell your property.

While the springtime is great, there are a number of factors that needed to consider before deciding when is the right time to sell your home.

Many people believe that summer is just too busy for moving with family vacations to plan. 

However, there are circumstances that attract the buyers to look for their new home during summer.  The school year is already over which means kids won’t have to transfers schools mid-year.

So, if you’re planning to sell your property during summer, here are the tips to consider for selling your home faster.

Highlight Your Outdoor Areas

Your exterior sets as the first impression of your property. Selling your home during summer is it’s time to shine. Cleaning porch, your deck, patio or outdoor kitchen, and repaint or make repairs if necessary to attract people in the market.

Giving your exterior a makeover by putting a fresh coat of paint. You might be surprised by how a couple of gallons of paint can do for your home.

One of the most obvious and sometimes overlooked steps to making your home more welcoming to the buyers is cutting your lawn. Grass grows faster during summer, so it may be necessary to cut it twice a week.

Decorate With Summer Accents

Rich and warm colors are great for the cooler months, but now is your time to step up your game. You can swap out accents and change decor that feels cozy during fall but overwhelming during summer.

If it all possible, go for light fabrics, summer accents, and cheerful bright colors to add a calming effect.

Keep It Bright

The temperature rises during summer, swapping out your thick and warm linens with heavy duvet for lighter quilt says this is the place for a comfortable sleep and will make your home summer-ready.

Be sure to open shades and turn on all the lights during showings. The only time you’ll need to keep your blinds closed is when there are any debris outside that is not pleasing to the eyes, but we already took care of that in step one.

Have Flexible Showing Hours

It’s no surprise that during summer homebuyers want flexible showing hours. More daylight means longer days and people tend to expect to be able to view homes as long as its bright out. That could mean allowing shows until 8 or 8:30 PM. 

Many buyers prefer touring properties during twilight hours, just after dinner. It can be a hassle but it should be a short-lived one, after all, you only need one buyer to fall in love and decide to move forward with your house

Summer Refreshments

With the weather warming up, buyers will gladly appreciate an ice cold drink of water. Even though you’re not physically present during the showings you can leave a little something on the counter to welcome them to your home.

Even the smallest gesture can sway the buyers into considering your property in their options. If you’re going to have several showings over a weekend consider filling the sink with ice and water bottles with a little note.

Comfortable Temperature

No one wants to stay in a house too long during summer if your home doesn’t have a nice and cool. Circulate the air in your home and set your thermostat at a comfortable level. A cool indoors will keep visitors in your home longer.


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