Top 10 Electricians Near Kingstowne Their Quality Work Will Shock You

There are many projects around the house that you can do yourself after watching a quick video tutorial online, however, electrical work is not one of them. This is one trade in construction where DIY is strongly discouraged.

In fact, you’ll want to hire a licensed electrician not just your friendly neighborhood handyman.

Gone are the days when you could hire just anyone to tinker with electrical wires. The so-called ‘cowboys’ are a thing of the past, these days you’ll want to make sure your electrician is licensed to do the type of work you are requesting.

Work done by an unqualified homeowner or tradesman may violate building codes and could have serious implications if things go awry.

Sure you can change a light bulb yourself, but changing a light fixture is another story. Anything that involves wiring shown always include a call to a licensed electrician.

No job is too small when it comes to household electrical safety.

Electricians deal with electricity, so don’t confuse them to appliance repairmen.

Here at Ask A Walker, we value our clients, so we are giving you examples of money-saving electrical fixtures you can ask your electrician about:

  • Replace Incandescent bulbs with Compact Fluorescent (CFL) energy-saving bulbs
  • Upgrade your washer and dryer
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Use inexpensive wall outlet timers to control lights

Wondering where to find trusted, professional and quality services? Say no more.  If you don’t already have a trusted electrician saved in your contacts no need to worry we have listed ten electricians near Kingstowne, check them out below.

Are you looking for other reliable services around the area?  You’re in the right place, click here for a consolidated list of trusted services near you.


Parrish Services

Address: 7865 Coppermine Drive, Manassas, VA 20109

Contact Number: 703-991-7587

Business Website:

Absolute Electric LLC

Address:111 Carpenter Drive, Suite C, Sterling, VA 20164

Contact Number: 571-244-4268

Business Website:

Ed Trask Electrical

Contact number: 304-728-6653


Address: 4936B Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, VA  22304

Phone number: (571) 249-2716

Business website:


Address: 587 King St. Alexandria, VA 22314 Old Town Alexandria

Phone number: (703) 309-6125

Business website:


Address: 30 S Old Glebe Rd. Ste B1, Arlington, VA 22204

Phone number: (703) 689-1533

Business website:


Address: 4701 Kenmore Ave, Ste 1104, Alexandria, VA 22304

Phone number: (202) 489-5387

Business website:


Address: Proudly serving the Fairfax County, VA area

Phone number: (703) 953-7600

Business website:


Address: 2776 S. Arlington Mill Road #147, Arlington, VA 22206

Phone number: (703) 310-9773

Business website:


Address: Old Town Alexandria, Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone number: (703) 309-6125

Business website: