Top Ten Chimney Cleaning Company Near Kingstowne That Will Guarantee A Cozy Winter

Question. When was the last time you have your chimney cleaned? If you’re like most people it isn’t something that’s on your radar until there’s a problem. However, if you use your fireplace you should definitely have it cleaned regularly and inspected every few years.

Once the weather starts getting colder, a fireplace can be a nice luxury to have whether it’s wood-burning, gas or electric.

In order to enjoy sitting by a warm, crackling fire on those chilly nights, it important that you make sure your fireplace and chimney are in perfect working order.

Having a fireplace often comes with potential risks if not cleaned regularly. Having your fireplace routinely cleaned can make it more efficient, durable and safer.

Why Should You Clean Your Chimney?

There are many reasons to clean and inspect your chimney regularly. It is not only for aesthetics but also for the potential risk to you and your family.

Many homeowners with fireplaces often don’t fully understand every part of their chimney which can lead to things getting overlooked or forgotten. So having an annual inspection is a must.

One of the common problems of not cleaning your chimney is creosote build up. It can cause a chimney fire. Creosote is a chemical mass of carbon formed when wood, fossil fuels, or burnt tar.

Another reason to clean your chimney is to avoid potential health hazards due to carbon monoxide. Inhaling the fumes from gas or fuel fires can be dangerous and could be fatal.

A chimney with an improperly functioning flue can cause a buildup of this dangerous gas. It is adjustable and is designed to release noxious gases to the atmosphere. So we recommend having a pro examine and clean your flue to make sure it is clear before using your fireplace.

When not cleaned regularly, accumulation of soot is unavoidable. It is fine black or dark brown powder formed due to incomplete combustion of wood or coal in a confined place.

It blocks the flue causing the smoke to go through your home and may cost black staining around the chimney that is impossible to remove. The floors can get dirty and messy if soot falls back into the house through the chimney.

Remember, all of these are avoidable through regular inspection and hiring a professional cleaned.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chimney?

People often used the fireplace during the cold season. This means maintenance on chimneys happens more frequent this season. This is actually contrary to what really happens, even if you don’t use your fireplace a whole lot, birds, raccoons or other critters might use your chimney for nesting.

Cleaning, repairs, and maintenance should be done when necessary. Clearing these clutters, avoids potential problems they might cause.

Typically, cleaning fireplace should be done when there is a ⅛ inch of deposit evident in the chimney and the flue system or if any glaze is appearing in it.  Accumulation of creosote can be enough to cause chimney fire that may damage the chimney and the roof.

Ideally, it is better to start cleaning and schedule an inspection for your chimney during summer, spring or early fall.

Cleaning chimneys are complicated and require professional equipment and skills. Doing it yourself can be problematic. It is advisable to hire a chimney cleaning company to do the job.

Standard inspection typically cost $150-$250 while the chimney cleaning cost about $200-$350.

If you are looking for repair companies near Kingstowne, you’ve come to the right place. We listed ten different chimney cleaning companies below.

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Phone number: 703-670-6733

Business website:

Winton’s Chimney Service

Phone number: 703-775-9037

Business website:

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps

Address: 4410 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

Phone number: (703) 997-9656

Business website:

Winston’s Chimney Service

Address: 3158-H Spring St, Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone number: (571) 351-2137

Business website:

SweepMasters Professional Chimney Services

Address: 3057 Nutley St, Ste 591, Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone number: (703) 670-6733

Business website:

C&C Home Services

Phone number: (703) 675-2731

Business website:

Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning

Address: 2503D N Harrison St, Ste 108, Arlington, VA 22207

Phone number: (703) 652-4600

Business website:

NOVA Green Energy

Address: Falls Church, VA 22041

Phone number: (571) 210-0589

Business website:

Champion Dryer Vent Cleaning

Address: 4410 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

Phone number: (703) 997-1221

Business website:

Phoenix Chimney and Venting Specialists Inc

Address: 5228 Landgrave Ln, Springfield, VA 22151

Phone number: (703) 750-6433