Ultimate Guide To Teach Yourself Economics

At the age of 37, I made the decision to learn about the economy. By this point in time, I’ve been selling real estate for 12 years, and I never thought about the real estate market’s connection to the global economy.

My inspiration for starting this journey is a real estate agent named, Steve Saraetsky. He’s an agent in Vancouver.

After following his YouTube channel and website for 2 years, I’ve finally decided to take my studies seriously about economics.

Why am I interested in economics?

We all know that answering a question with a question is frowned upon and it’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Is it possible to assist someone in making the largest financial transaction of their life without understanding the economy?

I don’t think so.

Since I plan on being in business for the next 40 years, I’d like to see some growth in my development over those years. One of the ways I can grow is by learning more information about the market’s impact on the housing market.

Is this information necessary to sell a lot of houses every year?

Not at all.

Real estate sales aren’t just about sales to me. Becoming a member of someone’s financial advising team is important to me because I move past being just an order taker and towards a true professional who provides great insight into the microeconomy (local market) and macroeconomy (global market).

Now that we’ve gotten past the why let’s move into the resources we’ll use to develop our understanding of the market.

D0-It-Yourself Economic Education Resource List

Below will contact a list of resources I’ll use to walk myself through the process of learning more information about the economy. This list should be a great starting point for anyone else interested in teaching themselves about the economy.

  • Steve Saretsky (YouTube, Website) – real estate agent in Vancouver Canada that analyzes the macro and micro economy to provide his real estate clients with insights about the market.
  • Real Vision – Premium Financial News Service
  • Layoffs.fyi – Database the tracks job losses

In Closing

Come back periodically as I update the resource list and talk about my experience learning about economics.

How are you learning about economics?