Vlog 16 – Preparing Your House for Photographs: Bedrooms [VIDEO]

This is the 6th video in our series on “Preparing Your Alexandria Home for Sale for Photos”. In the last video, I covered setting up your bathrooms, half bathrooms, and master bathrooms. This video will tell you everything you need to know about the bedroom.

Make the bed – Potential buyers like to see a well-kept home. You get a similar feeling when you walk into a hotel room with clean linens and picture perfect bed.

Check your curtains and blinds (throughout the home) to ensure that they are functioning properly. If they don’t function, they are detracting from the presentation of your home. Remove, repair or replace them. If you choose to replace them, do so with high quality and neutrally toned equivalents.

Remove some of your furniture, if you’ve got too much or too large of furniture, you need to store it offsite. We advise against keeping oversized furniture in the home. We advise all clients to sell pieces you’re not planning on using in the future or rent a small storage unit. Our goal is to help potential Buyers visualize king-sized bed in your cozy bedroom.

Clear the tops of your surfaces. Your dressers, vanities, night stands and such should be cleared of clutter. You need your bedrooms to look like a furniture showroom without any personalization or clutter. It is about selling an expectation of space. To get top dollar for your home, we need to present and sell the space. This process is easier for all parties when you remove jewelry holder and cologne collection. Your nightstands can have a lamp, a clock, and maybe a book (keep it small, and tasteful, that you’d read just before bed). HIDE YOUR CHARGING CORDS!

Reduce clutter in your closet. Try to remember the 1/3 rule, of all the items in your closet, only a 1/3 should be in the space for the photos. It should show you that it’s a closet, not a storage unit. You probably don’t need all 4 seasons. Reduce your shoes to the primary 3 pairs each family member owns.

Dust ceiling fans, and make sure the same light bulbs are in every fixture. Lighting can greatly affect the quality of your photographs. Having different types of light bulbs can tint the photos in negative ways, so to ensure quality photos, make sure all light bulbs are of the same type and wattage.

Pillows: Make sure they are clean and fresh. This is the perfect time to buy new bedding, because after the sale, you can take them to the new home, and have a fresh start. If you choose to have pillows, you want them to look welcoming and plush.

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