Will Smith Complete Reading List for Storytellers

Will Smith‘s video called, “How I Taught My Brother-In-Law To Make A Movie” shares several books about becoming a storyteller.



Here’s the list of books from the video:
1. Story – Robert McKee
2. The Art of Dramatic Writing – Lajos Egri
3. The Moral Premise – Dr. Stanley Williams
4. Screenplay – Syd Field
5. The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell
6. The Writer’s Journey – Christopher Vogler
7. The Heroine’s Journey – Maureen Murdock
8. Making A Good Script Great – Linda Seger
9. The 3rd Act – Drew Yanno
10. The Screenwriter’s Workbook – Syd Field
11. Four Screenplays – Syd Field
12. ReWrite – Paul Chitlik
13. Backwards and Forwards – David Bell

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Happy reading.